Projects available for new students & volunteers

(above image: students excavating at Equus Cave, Taung, South Africa)

Honours Projects available

1) Building an Australian Archaeomagnetic curve and investigating the thermal history and use of 19th C. Bricks and Aboriginal hearths

2) Dating Australian Marsupial Fossil Sites

3) Palaeomagnetism of archaeological and fossil sites in Saudi Arabia

4) Defining spatial patterning, site formation and environmental and occupational histories of South African MSA cave sites, South Africa

5) Isotopic, trace element and palaeomagnetic analysis of  speleothems from Black Earth Cave (Taung) for reconstructing climatic and environmental change.

6) Geochronological and site formation history of the Taung Australopithecus africanus fossil site, South Africa

7) Understanding dental variation in modern humans and its impact on studying the hominin fossil record.


Fieldwork Opportunities for Students

1) Drimolen Cave Geoarchaeology & Palaeoanthropology Field school (South Africa). June 8th – July 29th 2018

2) Amanzi Springs Acheulian site, South Africa (Feb and Nov each year)


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